June Playdates: Making a Splash!

June Playdates: Making a Splash! A morning at the beach Ahoy there, mates! Dive in with us for our June playdates: Making a Splash! We’re spending a morning at the Kindermusik beach to enjoy sunshine, sand, and smiles! We’ll swim with the dolphins, skitter with the crabs, roll our beachballs, and sail the wild waves in our READ MORE

Offering 2 Full Kindermusik Scholarships to Special Needs Children in June: Apply Today!

Dear Kindermusik-loving families: We have a very special opportunity for you! Every June, we offer 2 full scholarships for a free month of Kindermusik to 2 children with special needs! Music has transforming power, and has proven to be an incredible developmental help to children in these special situations. We’ll be giving away the entire month READ MORE

May Playdates: See What I Saw!

May Playdates: Pirates and Princesses! A musical visit to the playground! Welcome to our May musical playdates: See What I Saw! We’re taking a musical visit to the playground, where we’ll take our imaginations on a wild, zippy, flying, bouncy ride! Up the ladder, down the slide, and always through music – we’ll be exploring READ MORE

March Playdates: Under the Rainbow

March Playdates: Under the Rainbow Discovering the treasure of Irish music! Join us for our March musical playdates: Under the Rainbow! We’re taking a trip to Ireland to explore this country’s rich musical heritage! We’ll bounce to the beat of the bagpipes, play along to the piping of the penny whistle, and hold our little ones for a READ MORE