March Playdates: Under the Rainbow

March Playdates: Under the Rainbow Discovering the treasure of Irish music! Join us for our March musical playdates: Under the Rainbow! We’re taking a trip to Ireland to explore this country’s rich musical heritage! We’ll bounce to the beat of the bagpipes, play along to the piping of the penny whistle, and hold our little ones for a READ MORE

February Playdates: Love Notes!

February Playdates: Love Notes A musical celebration of love! Give your little one a hug, kiss, and cuddle… it’s time for our February playdates: Love Notes! We’ll be singing, dancing, rocking, moving, and exploring instruments through this endearing, heartwarming theme that celebrates the love you share with your child. After all, what’s a better way to bond READ MORE

January Playdates: A Trip to the Zoo

January Playdates: A Trip to the Zoo Hi everyone! What child doesn’t love animals? Combine that with their love for music, and you’ve got a recipe for pure delight! Join us for our January playdates: A Trip to the Zoo! We’re off to the Kindermusik Zoo, where we’ll meet swinging monkeys, tall giraffes, playful polar bears, cuddly READ MORE

December Playdates: Sleigh Bells!

December Playdates: Sleigh Bells! Hi everyone! Brrr… bundle up for a ride on our one-horse open sleigh! The bells are ringing, the snow is falling, and we’re making jingly music together! You’ll have a total blast singing, dancing, and playing instruments with your child in this heartwarming musical playdate. So bring along the whole family READ MORE