Enjoy a safe, fun activity: Our classes are all temporarily going virtual!


There will be NO MORE physical classes at our studio for the next few weeks - but we're STILL HAVING CLASS!


Dear Valued Kindermusik Families:

In the midst of the recent developments around the country and world in regards to the recent COVID-19 situation, all of our inboxes have surely been flooded with updates and information from companies and businesses that we interact with on a regular basis.  Kindermusik with 88 Keys has also aimed to keep you informed and up to date with any changes that we may feel need to be made as the situation develops.

From its inception in 2002, Kindermusik with 88 Keys Piano has aimed for excellence in operating practices and beyond-industry-standard cleanliness.  Challenging and changing times such as these are no exceptions, and should cause all of us to take time to consider how we can “raise the bar” even more. While we have always strived to maintain a welcoming, comfortable, and healthy environment for our families, the current situation has forced us to re-evaluate our position in providing you and your child(ren) the best possible experience, where you, as a parent, can feel comfortable that your child is learning in an environment that makes YOU secure and comfortable.

After much discussion, networking, research, and preparation, we are extremely excited to share with you our stance on providing you the VERY BEST possible solution in the midst of these trying times:

Effective this week (Sunday March 15), all classes will be temporarily changing to a virtual, group meeting format!  Using Zoom, a trusted and user-friendly platform that runs across all devices and operating systems, you will be able to log in and join the rest of your class members with just a click from an invitation email.  The day before your class, you will receive an email with your upcoming class materials, and simple household items that you’ll be able to find easily as alternatives.  Our class will still meet at the appointed time, and you’ll be able to see ALL of your class members, while attending class from the comfort of your very own home!  Your teacher will still passionately deliver the same engaging and connected Kindermusik experience that you’re accustomed to, and your child will be able to see all of their Kindermusik friends as well!  It is our hope that we as a Kindermusik community can adapt to these changes with enthusiasm, for the sake of our children, their musical education, and the continuation of their weekly routines.

Here at Kindermusik with 88 Keys, we are choosing to work through this change and embrace the unknowns that go along with it with excitement!  We have high hopes for delivering an AMAZING and EXCELLENT virtual class experience, while still being able to connect as a class to give our children the engaging social experience they’re used to.  While many things are uncertain in today’s times, our job as parents is to give our children the stability and routine that they still crave and need.  

A few technical questions you may have: 

Q:  Will my computer/tablet/phone run this program?
 A:  Yes, definitely!  Zoom is VERY user-friendly and works across ALL formats!

Q:  Do I have to attend my regular class?  What about make-ups?
A:  Actually, this virtual format will allow you even MORE flexibility to take advantage of our unlimited makeup policy!  If you can’t attend your class time, just send us a quick text or email beforehand, and we’ll simply invite you to another class time of your choice!  No driving or rearranging schedules… everything in the comfort of your own home!

Q:  How do I “explain” all of this to my child?
A:  Honestly, we believe it’ll be easier than you think!  For little ones that are old enough to understand, simply telling them that they’ll get to still see all of their friends from class when it’s time for music class will be enough!  Being able to participate in Kindermusik class right from their own home will most likely be a big thrill to them!  (Making sure you are prepared and have the suggested materials on hand will aid in keeping their excitement high.)

Q:  What if the new format isn’t all I expected it to be?
A:  This whole thing is as new to us as it will be to you, but we have confidence that we’ll still be able to deliver the “class” experience that your child is looking for! Remembering that your child’s health, your health and everyone’s well-being is at the forefront of our decisions, please be patient with us as we ALL grow and adapt together.  Here at Kindermusik with 88 Keys, we have already run a few “sample” classes, and the feedback was that it was AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE!  Our test families were impressed and excited!  As always, our classes run on a monthly format. So, if you feel that our remaining classes in March were not what you’d hoped, we will remove you from our recurring payment for April.  We’ll always be glad to welcome you back when you’re ready!

Q:  Are there any “rules” to this new format?
A:  The only thing that we’ll ask is that you (and any others in your household that want to participate) are with your child during the class,  but that there are no other non-enrolled children of Kindermusik ages present with you. This new virtual format will be only for our enrolled families.  However, as always, if you know of a prospective family that wants to join in the Kindermusik fun, their first virtual class will be free. 

Well, that’s it for the technical stuff!  We are SUPER excited for this exciting opportunity to come into YOUR living rooms and share this special time with you and your child. If you've never been to Kindermusik before and you're not currently enrolled, click here to be invited to your first virtual class for 100% free!

We are open to any questions you may have regarding this temporary change in format, and encourage and invite you to reach out to us with any suggestions, ideas or concerns.  We are available anytime by text: 912-432-5885; email: info@kindermusikwith88keys.com; or phone: 912-988-5397.

Thank you again for being a part of our amazing Kindermusik community of families! 💜


The team at Kindermusik with 88 Keys

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