FAQ/Studio Policies

Are masks required? Any covid regulations?

No. Come as you are! We are keeping our studio super clean, safe, and sanitary. This is a healthy and happy environment, a warm and welcoming place where we all respect each other and invite each family to come in the way that makes THEM comfortable. Since we feel that masks don't mesh (no pun intended) with the joy of a young child's music class, we do not require them - although you're welcome to wear one! 🙂 We respect your family's preferences and choices!

What is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik was first born in 1978 by its founder Dan Pratt, whose dream was inspired by a successful German music curriculum he discovered while studying in Cologne. Since then, Kindermusik has grown to reach more than 2 million families in over 70 countries across the world. Our studio, Kindermusik with 88 Keys Piano, has been bringing this time-tested program to families around Savannah, GA since 2002.

Why the name “Kindermusik with 88 Keys”?

Kindermusik with 88 Keys is a subsidiary of 88 Keys Piano, the most reputable piano servicing company of Southeast Georgia. Our Kindermusik studio is located right off the 88 Keys Piano showroom, where we also offer private piano and guitar lessons for beginning children ages 6+!

How early should I start my child?

Our classes are for newborns to seven-year-olds, so we encourage you to start as early as possible! In our Cuddle & Bounce class for babies, we offer free tuition for newborns to 10-week-olds! Click here to find out more.

Are parents included in the class?

Yes! The best part of Kindermusik is that it bonds families together, setting us apart from sports, theater, dance, day camps, all the other activities “out there.” You don’t just get to hear about your child’s class—you get to be there participating, bonding with your precious little one, and enjoying the wonder of music as a family unit.

How many caregivers may bring a child to class?

As many as you wish! We always welcome multiple caregivers, so if Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, and the nanny all want to come together, the more the merrier! Your child learns best when he’s the most comfortable, surrounded by loving, familiar faces.

Where are the classes held?

Our in-studio classes meet at the Kindermusik with 88 Keys Piano Music Studio: 183 Deerfield Road West, Bloomingdale, GA 31302, USA.

We are the only children’s music studio in the Coastal Empire with our own studio location. You deserve the ultimate experience when you enroll your child in Kindermusik classes; your child is that important! We couldn’t compromise your comfort level as a parent by not having a classroom that’s perfectly clean, spacious, tailored for families, and inviting. This is why we’re so passionate about running classes in our well-maintained studio, where you and your child can relax and fully enjoy yourselves.

An exception is when you coordinate a custom on-site class, bringing a Kindermusik class to your own location.

How do the virtual classes work?

Our virtual classes meet over Zoom, and parents get to participate with their children from the comfort of their own home. Our virtual classes are super fun and engaging, meaning the teacher directs the activities but each parent engages their child in their own home - thus involving very little screen time for the child. It’s all about making music and family memories!

Who is my teacher?

One of the two licensed Kindermusik educators on our fantastic mother-daughter team, Marina or Libby Lindblom, will lead the class! More about our team >

I’m worried about how my child will behave and participate in class. Is it okay if he’s going to be a little different?

Relax! We’re all about the process, not the performance. Every child is wonderfully unique. We encourage exploration without expectation, so children can have fun and participate where they are. We celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how big or small! Parents are encouraged to step in and help their children get the most out of class, while at the same time letting them learn in the style they learn best.

Don’t be stressed out about singing or how you should act. We know you didn’t come here to impress your friends. You came to spend time with your child. And whether you have an opera voice or a shower voice, it’s your voice your child loves best and wants to hear. Model excitement by staying super-engaged yourself. Have a wonderful time—this is your class, too!

What should I wear to class?

Just dress comfortably for movement. We have a shoe-free policy in our classroom to keep the carpet clean for our tiniest babies, so socks or bare feet are fine!

Is there anything I need to bring to class?

Not at all! We’ll provide plenty of exciting instruments and props to put in your little one’s hands and keep her engaged throughout the entire class. Everything you need to make the most of your Kindermusik experience is right here at the studio.

What’s included in my monthly enrollment?

  • Four weeks of classes each month (choose your day and come once a week)
  • Permanent, unlimited access to Kindermusik Online with all the class music, lyrics, activities, videos, and fascinating parenting tips, based on each month’s class theme
  • A free bonus class whenever there’s a fifth week in the month (we like to celebrate with a surprise class theme and donut holes!)
  • Unlimited makeup classes as long as you’re enrolled
  • Inclusion in the weekly email “Kindermusik Highlights,” featuring the benefits of an activity from our last class
  • Friend referral reward: bring in a friend and get $10 off your next month!
  • Special discounts on custom on-site Kindermusik classes and piano purchases from 88 Keys Piano
  • Membership in our Committed-to-Kindermusik program, which includes earnings towards free playdates, discounts, and even half-priced classes! The longer you stay, the more you earn!

How does the hassle-free auto-billing work?

Your enrollment renews itself on the first day of each month. Your card will be stored in our secure system the first time you pay, and from then on you’ll be charged automatically on the first of each month. If you have any kind of coupon or discount to apply, let us know before the next month, when your next payment will occur. All payments are nonrefundable after they are billed. You can stop this automatic process and restart it anytime at your convenience; just let us know in writing before the first of the next month. Any Kindermusik Online units you’ve received are yours to keep forever! For your convenience, we do not charge any annual registration or re-enrollment fees for taking a break and rejoining our classes.

Can I join in the middle of the month and get prorated?

Feel free to join in at any time of the month! If you enroll yourself online, you will need to pay full price. But if you call us to enroll (912-988-KEYS) or come to class and have us enroll you at the desk, we can enroll you for a special prorated price!

What if I’m sick or traveling and happen to miss a class?

If you miss a class, feel free to come on another day. For example, if you’re enrolled in Monday, just come Tuesday! You can also make up your missed class on the next fifth week of the month. Makeup classes are offered whenever there’s a fifth week in a month, since you only pay for four classes in a month. As long as you’re enrolled, makeups are unlimited.

A note about missing class: Because our classes are set up for optimal learning, which means a small group environment, it greatly helps us if you can quickly shoot us an email or send a text beforehand if you’re not going to make it to class that day, or if you’re thinking about attending a makeup class. We understand last minute emergencies come up, and you can’t always take the time to notify us; but whenever you can, it’s a great help to us!

Will there be class during bad weather?

If it’s just rain, yes! What’s better on a rainy day than a delightful indoor activity like Kindermusik? So don’t let rain stop you from coming to class!

If the weather is unusually hazardous and we do need to cancel, we’ll be sure to let you know by text, phone, or email first. Whenever we need to cancel class for any reason, we’ll have a special makeup class soon afterward.

Will there be class on holidays?

Yes, we typically continue holding Kindermusik on government holidays such as Labor Day and Memorial Day. It’s always a great chance for both parents and extra caregivers who are off work to come along and enjoy class! We’ll always let you know beforehand if there’s an exception.

See our sibling drop-in policy below if you’d like to bring your older child to class on a school holiday!

Can non-enrolled siblings come along to class?

For siblings 6 months to 7 years old: Yes, as a one-time drop-in, this is acceptable for a fee of $13. If it needs to happen regularly, you should enroll your second child, as you get a better value this way.

For siblings 5 months and younger: Infants under 6 months old may come along to a class their older sibling is enrolled in for free!

Can my older child come along and sit out in the waiting room during class?

We regret that non-enrolled children under 13 are not allowed to sit out in the waiting room alone. Please have a caregiver over 13 supervising younger children at all times.

Where can I nurse, feed, and change my baby?

Nursing babies and infant bottles are allowed in both the classroom and waiting area. A diaper changing table is available outside class, as well as a restroom.

Are snacks and toys allowed in class?

With the exception of nursing accessories and bottles, please leave your snacks, drinks, toys, and sippy cups in the waiting area to enjoy after class!

Can I bring a friend along to class?

Of course! We love new friends! All new families are welcome to their first class free, so bring along a friend for their free introductory class.

If you’re enrolled in a weekly class, you tell a friend about us, and they enroll, we’ll thank you by giving you $10 off your next month of classes. Make sure you let us know if another family enrolls because of you!

What if I enrolled my child in a playdate, but we can’t attend?

If you can’t come to a playdate you enrolled in, we’ll hold your take-home goodies (instrument, songs, and coupon) for up to one month until you can pick them up. Regretfully, however, we cannot give you a credit for a future playdate, and the cost is nonrefundable.

How do I schedule a custom playdate at your studio?

Just pick a day that works for you and let us know at least a month in advance. We’ll create a special enrollment form that you can send out to only your friends! We will need at least eight to ten families to run a custom playdate, but no more than fifteen.

Do you offer custom on-site classes for birthday parties, get-togethers, and other events?

Yes, we do! Under the right circumstances, we will travel to your location and hold a special Kindermusik class just for your event. Click here to learn more about our custom on-site classes.

Would Kindermusik be appropriate and beneficial for a child with special needs?

By all means! Children with special needs are welcomed into all our classes! Therapists often recommend our program to families whose children experience physical, emotional, cognitive, or social challenges, as the benefits of music to children with special needs are astounding. Contact us to discuss any questions about the uniqueness of your child.

I’m enrolled in weekly Kindermusik classes, and I’m interested in buying a piano from 88 Keys Piano! Do I get a discount?

Yes! As long as you’re enrolled in weekly Kindermusik classes, you’re entitled to 10% off the purchase of any piano from 88 Keys Piano. The piano showroom is directly adjacent to our Kindermusik studio: take the first door to the right after leaving the studio!

Is there a way to buy a gift certificate for your classes?

Looking to give a friend or family member a gift certificate for Kindermusik classes? Yes, we DO offer gift certificates! Music is one of the best gifts you could give a child! To purchase a gift certificate, just contact us and request information. We’ll help you pay and then email you a personalized printable gift certificate for your favorite little music maker!

I have another question that isn’t listed here!

Have a new question that you don’t see answered here? Don’t be shy. Shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you soon with the answer!

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