More Than Mommies

“Kindermusik is a great way to have fun with your family! I look forward to it every week.” – a Kindermusik dad

“My grandson loves Kindermusik! He is 17 months old and has been attending classes since he was 3 months old. The classes are fast paced and fun!” – a Kindermusik grandma

“I don’t know of anything I’d recommend any higher than this experience.” – a Kindermusik nanny

“Kindermusik has impacted the lives of our three daughters immensely. The exposure to different kinds of music, all sorts of instruments, and music theory has allowed them to flourish in the arts, academics, and even athletics. There’s a rhythm to everything we do, and we’re so grateful for the experiences our family has had through Kindermusik.” – a Kindermusik mom

“My youngest brother talks about Kindermusik more than anything else he does all week long. Singing the songs at home are a regular highlight of his day. I look forward to each class where I can spend this special time with him!” – a Kindermusik big sister


Ever thought about this? We often categorize Kindermusik programs under Mommy & Me classes. It’s true that most of the caregivers in our classes tend to be mothers. But let’s not underestimate the value of other family members and caregivers. Dads, grandparents, nannies, and other relatives love coming to class, and we love to have them! Sometimes it’s just to visit, but they’re often the main caregivers with their child.

The more family members involved in your child’s Kindermusik experience, the more he’ll grow and thrive! That’s because your little one feels the most comfortable and happy when he’s surrounded by those he loves and knows the best. And when your child is having fun, he’s in the perfect environment to learn!

So bring other family members to Kindermusik whenever possible. After all, this is the one thing that sets Kindermusik apart from all other early childhood development activities: we’re all about bringing families together! We’re not a drop-off class, and there’s a reason why. We want YOU to be your little one’s first teacher!

So remember, in Kindermusik as well as in all other activities, involve the whole family to give your child optimal familiarity. Feel great as you watch him stretch and shine in such an encouraging, empowering atmosphere.

We’ve got lots of wonderful family events coming up soon. Why not join us for one or more?


See you soon!