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Here’s what our families say about their experience at Kindermusik with 88 Keys!

Out of every baby/toddler/mommy and me activity I have done over the years - your Kindermusik class is at the top of the list! It’s the best. You all are awesome!

Jackie, mom to Henry, age 4

Can’t say enough wonderful things about Kindermusik with Mrs. Marina and Libby! So much that we travel 45 mins to them, even though there’s a Kindermusik 10 mins from our house. They truly love what they do and it shows! My son has been going since he was 4 months old and he just turned a year old. Bryce LOVES music, dancing, playing with the instruments and interacting with the other kids and parents. It’s been wonderful. You won’t regret signing your child up!

Ashley K., mom to Bryce, age 12 months

My 13-month-old daughter, Annabeth, loves going to Kindermusik with Mrs. Marina. She normally goes to class on Tuesdays with my wife. I had a chance to go with them and I watched my daughter smile the entire time.

Kasey C., dad to Annabeth, age 13 months

We love this program. Marina is so sweet. I brought my daughter here for over 2 years (commuting from Bluffton, South Carolina).... The program is fun for both the kids and the parents!

Jaclyn S., mom to Lillian, age 4

From the warm hospitality, the compassion shown for each family by Marina, Libby and the rest of the crew, to the accommodations they make to make sure you have a great experience... I will forever be a Kindermusik fan. My daughter absolutely loves going to her weekly classes and some of the playdates. I love watching her learn each and every class. I am so happy I stumbled upon Kindermusik. Thank you so much Marina and Libby for making my little girl feel so special each time and thank you for providing such amazing hospitality and warmth every time we visit.

Kourtney H., mom to Rava, age 21 months

We love this class! My 3 year old daughter is blossoming here. She loves music and dance and this is giving her a great chance to express her creativity, be active, and have so much fun.

Lauren F., mom to Aubrie, age 3

We love Kindermusik with 88 Keys. My son has been going since he was a few months old and he is almost 2 now. He loves the classes and his teacher! The class has been great for him developmentally and socially. I highly recommend! 

Ashley M., mom to Henry, age 17 months

Our daughter, Montie, has been going since she was 8 months old. She’s one of the younger kids in the class but she enjoys it and gets alot out of it. We plan to continue with the classes for years to come.

Summer H., mom to Montie, age 8 months

Marina’s Kindermusik class is perfect for enhancing the development of an infant/toddler. We started the class when my son was around 7 months old. He is 15 months old and it is one of his favorite activities of the week. There are always a variety of activities that move at the right pace to keep him engaged.

Allison K., mom to Brooks, age 15 months

My daughter absolutely loves her Kindermusik class. We have been going for about 3 months and she is learning so much, while at the same time having a blast! She adores the teacher! On that note, our teacher (Marina) truly has a gift for teaching and inspiring little ones to learn! We use a ton of different instuments and ALL of the babies and toddlers in the class seem to really enjoy it. We both really enjoy the songs and play them all the time at home. I love that the lessons are structured, but not rigid at all. Now every Tuesday morning when she notices we are headed in our Kindermusik class direction, she starts chanting “music” and clapping. This makes me as parent so happy that she enjoys learning and music! We REALLY love our Kindermusik class!

Torie L., mom to Harper, age 2

This is a happy place. She keeps it moving, but no pressure is felt, and the children are not over-stimulated either. I don’t know of anything I’d recommend any higher than this experience.

Debbie H., nanny to Gabe, age 2

My ten month old daughter is already learning so much in the few weeks that we have attended class. Our teacher is very engaging and caring with the students. My child also gets time to interact with other babies and toddlers.

A happy parent

This is exactly the type of experience I was looking for for my three year old. As soon as the car pulls into the driveway he gets excited. A very warm, fast paced morning filled with music, dance and learning!

Mickie M., mom to Hunter, age 3

Kindermusik has impacted the lives of our three daughters immensely. The exposure to different kinds of music, all sorts of instruments, and music theory has allowed them to flourish in the arts, academics, and even athletics. There’s a rhythm to everything we do, and we’re so grateful for the experiences our family has had through Kindermusik.

Vikke B., mom to Kearsetyn, Kennedy, and Kerringtyn

My grandson loves Kindermusik! He is 17 months old and has been attending classes since he was 3 months old. The classes are fast paced and fun! The classes are also developmentally appropriate with hands on music activities with quite a variety of instruments. The instructor is fantastic!

Louise M., grandma to Henry, age 17 months

My daughter gets excited when we pull in the driveway! Very interactive and great children! She is alone most of the day, so I am happy that she gets to interact with other kids. Her nana visited with us, and she was very impressed with the way the kids listen and interact! I feel so blessed to have Marina as a teacher; you can tell that she really cares for the kids and she is really into the music class! My daughter really loves it; her dad and I look forward to class too! 🙂

Laneshia P, mom to Annie, age 3

The lessons are age appropriate and very entertaining to the children. The teacher remains consistent and always prepared as she exemplifies expertise and knowledge of child development thru music. The environment is always clean and orderly as well as friendly and inviting. Our year in the program has been joyful! We feel blessed to be a part of 88 Keys Piano.

Carolyn M., Grandma to Charlotte, Age 2

Marcelo loves Kindermusik’s playdate every month. He happily sings Kindermusik songs every day at home, especially “Rise, Sugar, Rise.” I enjoy enormously having this musical learning experience for my son’s development.

Marcela M., mom to Marcelo, age 3

Kindermusik is a wonderful way for young children to explore music through movement, song, and with the use of instruments. The family class gives children of different ages the opportunity to play and learn together in a friendly and fun environment. We have been attending the family class for about five months now. Both children love going to class each week. The routine (hello song, clean up song, etc) helps them know what to expect, but the songs and instruments always change, which keeps them fully engaged. We love listening to the songs at home, too!

Jill C., mom to Lottie, age 3, and Mattson, age 16 months

My little brother Leo has so much fun each week at Kindermusik with 88 Keys! I brought him to his first class when he was 4 months old, and he is now 4. It’s been really neat to see him transform from quietly absorbing the class as an infant, to wholeheartedly loving it and participating as a lively toddler! He talks about all his little friends, the music, the activities, and how much fun he’s having all week long. I hear him singing the songs and chanting the poems all the time. When I tell him it’s class day, his whole face lights up! He says Kindermusik is his favorite thing to do in the whole world! Best, he’s learned so much about music and has gained so many skills. I look forward to the special time Leo and I have together at every class, and I’m so grateful we’ve been able to share this great experience since his babyhood.

Libby L., big sister to Leo, age 4

The music classes are awesome for the little kids! My 18-month son loves it!

Monica L., mom to Lucas, age 18 months

I have been coming to Kindermusik with 88 Keys with my daughter for a while and it’s amazing to see how she’s progressed in so many areas over the months! She is much more comfortable around people, has learned to share, sit for story time (amazing!!) and she dances every time the music comes on. I’ve even noticed that when I sing something she will copy me and sing it back to me, even in the right key. I’m really really impressed with all they teach in this program. The teacher is wonderful and the whole experience is really outstanding. Thank you! I will recommend Kindermusik with 88 Keys to all my friends.

A happy mom

Thank you for growing my son in his confidence and social skills. You all are gifted and completely wonderful at what you do! It’s been a wonderful experience for us. I’ve enjoyed watching him learn new skills in such a creative and playful environment as well!

Tiffany J., mom to Paxton, age 2

James loves attending Kindermusik class.  Every time we start to walk towards the door he starts squealing and clapping. He loves interacting with the other children, clapping and playing instruments along with the music, and just being a part of such a lively and interactive group. He has been attending for about a year now and it is truly the highlight of his week!

Melissa G., mom to James, age 1

If you have never been to a Kindermusik class, GO! My daughter and I go once a month and we look forward to going every time. The instructor is very good at what she does and it has been so great getting to know her, her family, and other regulars. Some of my daughter’s favorite toys are the little musical instruments we take home from Kindermusik class. I’m so happy to have this as an option in my community!

Amelia I., mom to Armita, age 1

My son loves this class, and I recommend it all the time. He is engaged and learning new things, and it's fantastic to watch.

Megan R., mom to Charlie, age 18 months

My children get a great deal out of Kindermusik and absolutely love going each week. Plus, we love the entire staff there. They treat us like family and have been nothing but warm and welcoming. Mrs. Marina is an excellent, passionate teacher and it shows because the kids just love her. She makes music so much fun for them. I also enjoy going each week and sharing in the fun with my children.

Jennifer A., mom to Anniston, age 3, and Everett, age 8 months

My daughter enjoys the play time with other children while being introduced to music.

Sara K., mom to Corinne, age 3

Individual attention and special learning opportunities that involve all the senses. My child has grown tremendously and gained confidence through the class. We look forward to Mondays!

Kendall B., mom to Kinley, age 2

I am extremely likely to recommend Kindermusik to others based off of our overall positive experience as a family and primarily because it is an engaging, fun, learning environment that is beneficial in many ways to my child. It's a great learning and interactive activity for babies and young children.

Leah S., mom to Gabe, age 3

Environment and staff are very welcoming and all children seem to enjoy themselves immensely.

A happy parent

Classes are well structured and my baby anticipates and expects each activity.

Alba M., mom to Mila, age 2

My child has enjoyed Kindermusik and has grown tremendously. We are so happy with the classes and the skills they are teaching our child.

A happy parent

I would definitely recommend Kindermusik to friends. The class is very interactive and fun, great for all ages. The music is exciting to children and adults. The movement (sitting, standing, dancing) of the weekly routine allows children to never feel restless or bored. The class size is perfect, too!

A happy parent

We have been really pleased with Kindermusik. We enjoy the family activity together and also believe in the practices the curriculum is founded on.

Laura A., mom to Olivia, age 11 months

It’s a wonderfully engaging class lead by a teacher that did a fabulous job of engaging with each child in the room.

Allison B., mom

I believe in the power of music and believe everyone should be exposed to music from an early age. The activities help develop important skills (steady beat, following a leader, listening, interaction with others).

Jeanne M., grandma to Charlize, age 4

This is a great class! All of the children enjoy it very much, and the parents as well.

Ashley B., mom

My children and I have loved our Kindermusik experiences over the years. I feel it is a wonderful way to spend time with your kids in a group setting, yet it is still very personal between the kids and myself. I love to encourage others with small children to participate.

Tawney I., mom to Alex, age 3

My son loves playing and learning at Kindermusik. The interaction with other children and the music are great!

Kelly H., mom to Finn, age 8 months

Calm and peaceful learning environment, ongoing activity, simple techniques that are easy to follow and instructor that is on task, observant and informative.

Vanessa D., mom

The music teacher is very knowledgeable about using music as a learning tool. And the take home tools are awesome!

Teenuh S., mom

The program allows for socialization in a creative atmosphere, while nurturing the child both emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

Catherine B., mom to Emory, age 2

My daughter just started speech therapy and I believe the one month of weekly classes and the one playdate we attended really gave her a good head start. She still isn’t speaking but she is trying to communicate more effectively.

Savannah A., mom to Patty, age 2

Great music classes for kids and parents!

A happy dad

My child has enjoyed kindermusik and has grown tremendously. We are so happy with the classes and the skills they are teaching our child.

A happy mom

The music is engaging and exposes my child to many different tonalities, meters and cultures. Additionally, I think the group setting is particularly valuable.

Tara O., mom to Lilli

My son absorbs so much from his classes with Marina. He enjoys the social time with the other kids as well. We really enjoy coming to a class that is fine tuning his natural interest in music, following the beat, and dancing to different songs. What we already do at home with dancing, singing, and repetitive song learning is reinforced in this class! The new song materials are really wonderful as I can see how quickly he is learning and recognizing the songs outside of the class. We are enjoying our time with Kindermusik!

Blythe C., mom

It’s the only and most efficient way to introduce children to music and their inner souls, what a beautiful experience for parents and their babies ... thank you 😊

Alessandra D., mom to Sienna