“We like Kindermusik classes very much.”

Angela and Cesar Casas share what they value and appreciate about Kindermusik for their infant daughter Maria. 

“We really wanted the girls to have some exposure to music.”

Listen to this dad, Wade Wilson, and his 5-year-old daughters share about their love for Kindermusik.

“A child sings before he speaks...”

Kindermusik has been proven to nurture and advance the inherent musical potential in every child. No matter how young, there are scores of incredible benefits! This video is a must-see for every parent.


“It’s just been a great experience all the way around.”

Jamie Pierce lists the reasons why she and her toddler son appreciate the energetic, joyful atmosphere in Kindermusik class.

“Making music gives the brain a workout.”

Study after study has shown the positive effects of music education on cognitive development. Watch this video to learn about the benefits of music to your child’s brain.

“I cannot say enough about the program.”

What a pleasure to be able to give your child something your parents gave you! That’s just one reason why Sarah Emanuel loves Kindermusik with her daughter Jasmine.

“We as parents want to fill that void.”

This mom, Pam Kanjura, shares her concern about music being taken out of the schools and her joy at the positive effects of Kindermusik on her daughter’s overall behavior.