Weekly Classes

Kindermusik = laughter

Magical. Joyful. Social. Powerful. Wonderful.


Welcome to our weekly recurring classes. Children learn by repetition, as you’ll hear us say often in class! While our playdates and other events are great one-time options, there’s nothing like being enrolled in a class that you can come back to, every week, on a regular basis. It’s the best musical foundation you could give your child. The developmental benefits will astound you!

The class

Once a week you’ll come to a hands-on, parent-and-me, playful group class packed with instruments, stories, dances, songs, giggles, and cuddles in just 40 minutes of musical delight.

The convenience

There’s nothing you need to do, bring, or prepare. Our teachers are skilled and our studio tailored to bring your family the ideal class experience. Your part? Just come and participate!

The continuation

We’re not just once-a-week. We go home with you! All the songs, storybooks, lyrics, and activities from class are delivered monthly to your digital device, putting the power at your fingertips.

Monday Morning (Early) Mixed-Age Class

Every Monday morning @10 am for ages 0-7

Monday Morning (Late) Mixed-Age Class

Every Monday morning @11 am for ages 0-7

Tuesday Morning Mixed-Age Class

Every Tuesday morning @10 am for ages 0-7

Choose the Perfect Class for Your Child

Before enrolling in a weekly class, we invite you to come for a free introductory class. This gives you a little preview of your enrollment, ensuring that the class you selected is the perfect fit for your little one. Request your free introductory class today, and we’ll be in touch to help you pick the right class! We can’t wait to hear from you!