We’re Back In-Studio for June (And Staying Virtual, Too!)

Musical greetings from the Kindermusik studio, everyone! 🎶


Effective June, the studio is reopening for Kindermusik classes again!!!! We can’t wait to see your children’s sweet faces again - we’ve MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Classes will be reopening in a limited capacity, while we gauge what kind of interest there is. Our hopes are to be able to add more in-studio classes as the demand arises. 

And… the VIRTUAL classes will also remain!!! If you choose to attend a virtual class instead of coming into the studio, you’ll still have the option of doing that!  

Below you will find our June schedule of classes: 

June Class Schedule

Mondays at 11 AM: VIRTUAL Family Class / ages 0-7

Mondays at 4 PM: VIRTUAL Big Children Class / ages 4-7

Tuesdays at 10 AM: IN-STUDIO Family Class / ages 0-7

Tuesdays at 11 AM: IN-STUDIO Baby Class / ages 0-2

Saturdays at 11 AM: VIRTUAL Family Class / ages 0-7


This schedule will start this upcoming week, so our first in-studio classes will be THIS Tuesday, June 2nd!

If you have a baby ages 0-2 and prefer to stay virtual, you are encouraged to join in any of the family classes offered virtually. For now, our VIRTUAL baby class is being replaced by the IN-STUDIO baby class. Please note: we have LOTS of babies in our family classes (both virtual and in-studio), and your tiniest ones will always be welcome!

Virtual enrollment will continue to be unlimited attendance, and you can attend as many virtual classes per week as you wish.

We have thought long and hard about everyone's safety when resuming in-studio classes, and when you come, you may notice some slight changes in the way classes are run; but we trust that all of them will ENHANCE your Kindermusik experience in today's changing world, and that you'll feel very comfortable with the precautions and extra measures we'll be taking.

We can't wait to see you in June - whether virtual or in-studio. If you plan to attend in-studio beginning this week, would you please kindly text (912-432-5885) or email (info@kindermusikwith88keys.com) us? We'd love to get a feel for what the numbers will be in the classroom.

Thank you, everyone, for sticking with us to keep the constant of music in our children's lives these past few months! We're SO excited to see you in June!! 🙂


With Love,

The Kindermusik Team

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